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In this web-page are a series of quotes from websites of people who truly care about America and where it is headed who I believe are deeply concerned in helping end corruption within our country to make us a proud and honorable nation once again. These are the real heroes.

"John McCain was one of the senators involved in the Keating Five debacle of the 1980s. In 1989 the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association went under costing taxpayers $3.4 billion. Five prominent senators including John McCain and John Glenn urged investigators from the California government not to look into the matter too closely. Investigators did look into it and they found that Charles Keating, chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association at the time, was found to have purposely collapsed his bank. During this process he was able to make a series of donations totaling $1.3 million to these senators for vacations and other sweet kickbacks. McCain would go on to pass the McCain-Feingold act in 2002 which called for campaign finance reform."

"Charlie Keating always took care of his friends -especially those in politics. McCain was no exception because in 1982 during McCain's first run for the House Keating held a fund-raiser for him collecting more than $11,000 from 40 employees of American Continental Corp. McCain would spend more than $550,000 to win the primary and the general election. McCain also had carried a little water for Keating in Washington. While in the House McCain, along with a majority of representatives, co-sponsored a resolution to delay new regulations designed to curb risky investments by thrifts such as Lincoln."

"In 1995 McCain sent birthday regards and regrets for not attending to Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonano, the head of the New York Bonano Crime Family, who had retired to Arizona. Another politician to send regrets was Governor Fife Symington who has since been kicked out of office and convicted of 7 felonies relating to fraud and extortion."

The David Icke Articles

"Kemper Marley, now dead, owned the Arizona liquor monopoly United Liquor. In 1948 two employees of this "company" were jailed for federal liquor violations and one of them was Jim Hensley, the general manager -and father in law to John McCain. Marley himself was saved from prosecution by his personal attorney, William Rehnquist, who went on to be the present Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court! When Hensley came out of prison he was rewarded by Marley with a Budweiser distributorship which is now in the hands of John McCain. When a reporter on the Arizona Republic, Don Bolles, threatened to expose the Marley rackets and the big names involved he was murdered when a bomb exploded in his car. Bolles was wheeling and dealing with these guys and so knew the truth. His last words were: "Adamson, Emprise, the mafia." John Adamson was a hit man and Emprise was a dog track operation which changed its name to Sportservice. It is controlled by the Kemper Marley mob. Marley with his massive wealth and influence controlled all the congressmen and senators in Arizona -as his successors still do. This includes our "war hero" -John McCain".

"IRE reporters Amy Silverman and John Doherty, writing in the Phoenix New Times, note that the father of McCain's wife, James Hensley, was convicted by a federal jury in U.S. District Court of Arizona in March 1948 on seven counts of filing false liquor records. Hensley also was charged with conspiracy to hide from federal authorities the names of persons involved in a liquor industry racket with two companies he managed, United Sales Company in Phoenix and United Distributors in Tucson."

"It appears that McCain, who has built his reputation on campaign finance reform, is gaming the system. "The con-job behind McCain's "campaign finance reform" has now become so transparent that the Washington Post, on Aug. 18, 2002, finally decided to spill the beans. A Bad Bet ignored the fact that gambling addiction specialists and law enforcement agree that a ban on legal sports betting in Nevada will only drive more money underground, lining the pockets of organized crime, and will not make a dent in the illegal gambling on college campuses. In other words, the McCain legislation will make matters worse."

You can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are. "A Republican source tells CBS News that former President George H.W. Bush will endorse John McCain on Monday morning in Houston, Texas. Former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, supports John McCain."

Kissinger Wanted for Treason

9/11 Truth

Kissinger's Integrity

Kissinger, Bush, and the New World Order

McCain/Heather Wilson tied to latest Abramoff Indictment

Alan Greenspan Endorses John McCain

"During the week ending 15th June 2007 an unspecified very senior officials' in the United States were arrested and jailed without bail in connection with corrupt financial operations exploiting the financial assets belonging to Ambassador Sir Leo Emil Wanta as sole Principal."

"Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed Sen. John McCain in the Republican presidential race on Thursday, praising him as an "extraordinary leader" who can reach across the political aisle to get things done."

"9/11 family members, firefighters, and members of the activist group We Are Change confronted Rudy Giuliani for a second time earlier this week as the former New York Mayor refused to answer questions about his foreknowledge of the WTC collapse and the desecration of the victim's remains. This extended footage picks up where media reports about Tuesday's confrontation with Giuliani left off showing leader Luke Rudkowski educating the media about the former New York Mayor's criminal complicity in 9/11."
Yes, they are Going to Come Down.

"A top political adviser in Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign helped arrange an introduction in 2006 between McCain and a Russian billionaire whose suspected links to anti-democratic and organized crime figures are so controversial that the U.S. government revoked his visa."

"McCain's Ties to Islamic Terrorists and Heroin Traffickers: Senator John McCain who made his name nationally known by advocating the 1999 NATO Bombing of Serbia. Back in 1999 McCain even advocated the we send American troops into Kosova on behalf of the KLA. McCain has consistently been on the Albanian American Civic League's payroll and even marched with them a year after the NATO intervention. McCain is a conservative Republican and aggressive interventionist. "He did everything that we asked of him, including arming the KLA", said Albanian lobbyist Joe DioGuardi. The Albanians collected one million dollars for the presidential campaign of this senator. (Please keep in mind the Sibel Edmonds case where Edmonds, a native Turk who worked in the FBI's Washington Field Office as a translator for several months in the wake of 9/11, discovered documents implicating Turkish organized crime in bribing US Government officials to steer US foreign policy in a way that would be favorable for narcotics trafficking and other illegal activities. Since then Afghanistan has become the producer of over 90% of the world's heroin, and that heroin is now refined within Afghanistan. The reason for this is the 500% increase on opium production in Afghanistan since 2001.") Don't think that George Bush has anything to do with this. Not George a revered man of God!!

"Perhaps Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, decorated Navy veteran and war hero, and contender for the US Presidency, is another whose name needs to be added to the list of those who take bribes from foreign organized crime and terrorists? Why is everyone in the US government and the US media so silent on the Sibel Edmonds case? So it looks like on Super Tuesday Albanians should endorse Senator John McCain for the Republican Party and Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party."

Heather Wilson and Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren
White are Under Investigation for Vote Buying
This is a Fourth Degree Felony
Click here for Full the Story

"A respected New Mexico journalist has quit her job after her television network killed her report alleging Republican congresswoman Heather Wilson tried to buy votes at a party convention along with Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White and that the campaigns had also paid their $30 registration fees."

"Cargo explained that when he noticed the unusually large number of attendees in his ward --- there were 59 people there this year, when normally they have from 9 to 15 or so, almost all of whom he knows --- he asked everyone to write their contact details on a piece of paper for the record."

"He was told by a number of attendees at the convention that registration fees had been purchased for them, and that people were being "paid $35 an hour" to attend on behalf of candidates Wilson, and Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White, who is vying for the Republican nomination to run for the Congressional seat that Rep. Wilson is vacating to run for the U.S. Senate."

Moreover, back during the 2004 elections the Bush administration, and especially Heather Wilson, found a new terrorist weapon called Ricin. Again, they made it appear that we were under attack by terrorists and we needed their protection. When the elections were over we didn't hear anything else about it. She's a real crafty woman.
More on Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson - Attorneys Probe Deepens

Drunk Bush

Did McCain's lobbyist girlfriend betray him for Bush? Really, does McCain need a Mistress scandal?

Bush's Ties to Afghanistan Warlords

Proof that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11

Saddam on Video

"Bill and Hillary Clinton ran a cocaine smuggling operation in Mena Arkansas: Contrary to the Whitehouse spin Vincent Foster's connection to the Clintons was primarily via Hillary rather than Bill. Vincent and Hillary had been partners together at the Rose Law Firm and allegations of an ongoing affair had persisted from the Little Rock days to the Whitehouse itself. Vincent Foster had been struggling with the Presidential Blind Trust. Normally a trivial matter the trust had been delayed for almost 6 months and the U.S. Trustee's Office was beginning to make noises about it. (What assets would not be in the trust and why: Assets whose origins don't bear close scrutiny for one. With recent revelations of highly questionable donations from Lippo Group, money laundering through a California Buddhist Temple, and four dead 1992 Clinton Campaign fundraisers, the reports of cash flowing from the CIA's gun and drug operation at Mena airport gain credibility. It's certain that such tainted assets would not look good on the trust declarations. That Clinton took cash from at least two drug criminals is now proven fact.) Foster was also the keeper of the files of the Clintons' Arkansas dealings and had indicated in a written memo that "Whitewater is a can of worms that you should NOT open!" Vincent's position at the Whitehouse did not sit well with him. Only days before, following a public speech stressing the value of personal integrity, he had confided in friends and family that he was thinking of resigning his position. Foster had even written an outline for his letter of resignation thought by this writer to have been used as the center portion of the fake "suicide note". Foster had scheduled a private meeting with Bill Clinton for the very next day, July 21, 1993 at which it appeared Foster intended to resign but ended up dead." It's easy to see Vincent Foster was murdered and by who.

More on the Clinton Crime Family

"McCain also thinks President Clinton, who dodged the draft rather than serve in Vietnam, is the perfect presidential role model. He recently told the press that Clinton "is the best politician I have ever seen. McCain, however, does not think so highly of the POW/MIA families and activists who openly challenge the U.S. government's POW/MIA policy many of whom walked the halls of Congress during the Vietnam War years demanding America's prisoners of war, including POW McCain, not be forgotten. McCain, as a member of the 1992 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, took the lead in demanding a U.S. Justice Department investigation of the POW/MIA activists and their organizations. He accused the activists of fraud because in some of their fund-raising literature the activists claimed the U.S. government knowingly left U.S. POWs behind after the Vietnam War and that some remain alive today."

If You're an American You Should See THIS!

Why Republicans Will Lose The Presidency In 2008


War Crimes

A Symphony of Lies

The Iraq war was based on a lie, and Iran is too

Wexler Confronts Condi on Iraq War Lies


John Mc Cain Has Now Made it to the List of War Criminals

McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

It is reported that John McCain is a traitor to the American people. He made 32 propaganda films for the Vietnamese government. He also immediately began spilling his guts about locations of American troops and the flight paths of our aircrafts because he was afraid of being tortured. The Vietnamese named him Song Bird. There is no determination of how many Americans were killed as a result of his cowardice and treason. These documents need to be shown to the American people. It’s their right to know. This man should be on trial and taken out and shot for treason if it is all true. People just don’t come dirtier than this.

POW's Say John McCain Is A Lying Skunk !!!!! HTS 020908 p2


Is John McCain a Traitor

Vietnam Veterans Against McCain


McCain Moments

DANGEROUSLY ANGRY Senator McCain Analyzed by MSNBC

John McCain Kicks It "Old School" - (McCain Rap Song)

In order to play our military personnel and vets prior to election time McCain uses health care as a ploy while he simultaneously lets a slip of the tongue what he has in mind for our country if elected —more war, not just in Iraq, but war all over as the Republicans are seriously addicted to mass murder and the prospect of inflicting long term suffering. (More of McCain’s insane rhetoric mirroring George Bush.) If McCain is so deeply concerned over our vets then why haven’t the Republicans taken care of them when they had the House, Senate, and presidency? This is just more bullshit to build the New World Order and play our vets for morons as Republicans often endeavor to do -use people for their own avaricious gain.

"John McCain is telling us two things about Iraq that are totally and completely absurd. McCain says he’s met with a former “Top Al-qaeda operative” that told him the “reasons” for our never ending war. So the entire world is looking for Al-qaeda and Al-qaeda leaders and can’t seem to find any except for the ones we call Al-qaeda and torture into saying whatever we like; however, evidently Senator John McCain can walk the streets of Baghdad and find a local “Top Al-qaeda X operative” with no problems at all!"

"Senator McCain attempts to undermine United States Border Patrol agents at every turn and actively supports the criminals who violate our laws. He always tries to downplay the fact that illegal aliens knowingly and willingly violate our laws and he is a close ally on immigration matters with Senator Ted Kennedy who we believe is the biggest disgrace of all time in the United States Senate. Law enforcement agents point to Senator McCain's "imperious attitude" towards rank-and-file Border Patrol agents and his complete disdain for their mission has been evident for many years. The agents said that this is the same Mexican government that sends millions of Mexican citizens here illegally to steal jobs and send billions of dollars back to Mexico. This is the same Mexican government whose soldiers smuggle drugs and shoot at Border Patrol agents. This is the same Mexican government that is corrupt to the core. This is the same Mexican government that uses its consular officers to sue the United States Government."

Illegal Alien Kills Child + 2 Women in Ice Cream Shop

Crime Victims Of Illegal Aliens

Federal Government admits to illegal Alien Crime Wave

Lou Dobbs: Illegal Alien Criminals Bankrupting California

Deported Criminal Illegal Aliens Over-Run Mexican Border

Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens to Kill Texas News Reporters

Glenn Beck: Zeta Gang Takes Control of Border

Undercover News Report: Illegal Alien Identification Fraud

Illegal alien prisoners bankrupt Raleigh, North Carolina




Illegal Immigration; the Destruction of America


ILLEGAL Aliens Murder American Black Students

Illegal aliens murder 2100 people each year

Illegal Immigrants are above the law...

The Murder of Jamiel Shaw by an Illegal Alien

Illegal Mexicans Rape And Murder Young Girl

Black & Mexican conflict in Pasadena grows

Racist Immigrants

S.F. Triple Murder Sparks Demand for Law & Order 1 of 5

Amy Marie Kortlang - Killed by an Illegal Alien

CNN / Dobbs / Broken Borders / Mexico's Hypocrisy

Mexico's Hypocrisy

LOU DOBBS TONIGHT 04.02.07 - Catholic Church Pushes Amnesty

Video Shocker: U.S. Border Patrol Agents Attacked

Border Patrol Agent Shoots Attacker in San Ysidro

U.S. Border Patrols Are Attacked

Amnesty Push

Seeking Asylum at the Border

John McCain Organized Crime Link

Proof that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11

McCain has no moral compass whatsoever

McCain FAKES speeches horribly! Can't even read

Cindy McCain Refuses To Release Her Tax Info

John "God's Children" McCain Won't Secure Borders

John McCain while pondering a future in politics met Cindy Hensley -an attractive 25-year-old woman from a very wealthy politically connected Arizona family. While still married to Carol McCain began an adulterous relationship with Cindy. He married Cindy in May 1980 just a month after dumping his crippled wife.

"GOP presidential candidate John McCain's wife Cindy took to the airwaves last week, recounting for Jane Pauley (on "Dateline") and Diane Sawyer (on "Good Morning America") the tale of her onetime addiction to Percocet and Vicodin, and the fact that she stole the drugs from her own nonprofit medical relief organization."

John McCain Plays Christians for Morons

"John McCain grew up Episcopalian. He went to an Episcopalian high school. For at least 15 years he has been listed as an Episcopalian in authoritative directories such as the Almanac of American Politics and Congressional Quarterly's Politics in America 2008. He told a reporter from McClatchy News Service in June 2007 that he was an Episcopalian. Suddenly, in September 2007, while he was campaigning in South Carolina, the heavily Baptist state where George W. Bush barely managed to stop McCain's presidential campaign 8 years ago. And guess what? McCain tells a reporter "By the way, I'm not Episcopalian. I'm Baptist." How's that for a two-faced liar? However, no one played the moron card like George Bush. Talk about the Greatest Bullshit Story Ever Told.

Help Wanted

We are looking for people with very good computer skills. We offer no pay. We offer no benefits. We only offer the gratification of knowing that you have done something good for your country and humanity. Please help send this E-mail to everyone you can who live in our country –the United States- to help put an end to crime, corruption, and murder. You may start immediately if you like. Your country needs you! To copy and paste click here.

Is John McCain the kind of man you would want in the Whitehouse? View this web-page then take the time to verify it for yourself. You have the right to know. It’s your country too.


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