To Honorable Ted Kennedy

The e-mail that you sent (“You're a racist.”) That was pertaining to this web-page on illegal Mexican immigration left me in a quandary as how you could come to that cognizance. I'm not sure as to how to explain it to a grown man, but I'll do my best. First off, I'm of French, Irish, and Indian descent which would make me of the same race of the preponderance of people in question. Mexican is not a race it's a nationality. Second, it's my belief that Americans, regardless of race, are a family because we are all of the same nationality despite some of the problems every family may incur. We live together, work together, and play together so therefore we should look after one another as such. Would you, let’s say hypothetically, and illegal immigrant from France take your job because he could do your job at a lesser wage? I think not even though he or she would probably do a better job. Another thing you may want to keep to mind is the fact that you work for the American people, and make considerable money doing it so I believe that if you were a man of good conscience you would have the American peoples' best interest at heart. The e-mail you had sent is tantamount to something a drunken moron would say. My advice to you would be: Drop the bottle; get back on the porch; and think about what you and people like John McCain are doing to our country and the American people. I love my country even though that sometimes I feel that my country doesn’t love me, and I'm not going to let anyone destroy it without a fight.

      Very sincerely,
                                                            Joseph Martin

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